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A Round of "Apaws"

Shane L.

“We have the world's most active St Bernard, who is quite the handful if not fully exhausted. Dog parks and walks help, as did getting him a brother to play with (sadly the world's laziest Australian Cattle Dog), but nothing makes him happier than Cheryl's. Every visit reveals a clean well managed place for my dogs to play all day, and every trip home has two happy content pups. I couldn't be happier!”

Daniel D.

“The guys that run this business have been there for many years and are really great with the dogs. We talk and share stories about how the dogs play and who my dog's friends are every time I pick them up. It's not easy to know who to trust and these guys have my full confidence. My dogs get excited when we pull up to the building and that should tell you all you need to know. The cost is very competitive as well, especially for the attention the dogs get!”

Anna L. 

“This is a wonderful dog daycare! Jonathan and Justin are the new owners, and they are both wonderful. They love and care for all the dogs like they are their own!”

Franklin G.

“Absolutely wonderful daycare. The dogs all love to play and see each other. The owners are super caring and their love of animals definitely shows.”

Lindsay P.

“I started taking my pup to Cheryl's 2 years ago. They are under new management from when my dog started going there, and the new owner and his employees are absolutely amazing with the dogs (you can tell how much they care about them) and have definitely put effort into improving the business. My pup is always so excited to go, and is always very happy and worn out when I pick him up. The gentlemen working there take the time to get to know each dog and the owner, and always give a daily report if you ask. They are very affordable compared to other daycares in the area, and have discounts for teachers, OSU students, and multiple dogs.”

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